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Makeup by Natalie Dixon

Makeup Artist to the Stars, Natalie Dixon has gained a solid reputation over two decades for her professionalism and technique. She will help you look your most stunning on your special day.

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    I want to hire an amazing makeup artist for my sister's wedding- does anyone know the scoop on Natalie Dixon?
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Review of Makeup by Natalie Dixon

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My older sister is getting married this summer, and I am the maid of honor- always a bridesmaid, never a bride. She is self-conscious about her looks, so I want to hire an amazing makeup artist to make her look beautiful for her special day. Has anyone out there used Natalie Dixon, or can anyone recommend a great makeup artist in San Diego?
Review added by Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride
  1. Aztec Flower Market (www.aztecflowermarket.com) said:
    All our brides have rave reviews for this talented and experienced makeup professinal! Owner: Aztec Flower Market
    # Report06-10-2009

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