Dennis Carey is an expert in recruitment of CEOs and board directors. As of this writing he has authored at least four books that discuss the issues surrounding board compensation, corporate governance, and director recruitment. We have reviewed and recommend two, so far, below.

1. CEO Succession by Dennis C. Carey and Dayton Ogden

CEO Succession aims to help companies in dealing with succession planning as part of key issues that a firm or organization must properly address. The book tries to fill the need for a practical roadmap in order for companies to ensure the steady flow of effective leadership.

The authors included personal interviews with directors and CEOs in order to provide a graphic detail and articulate the field-tested strategies and techniques that would help systematize the planning process for a smooth transition of leadership at every level of an organization.

2. How to Run a Company: Lessons from Top Leaders of the CEO Academy by Dennis Carey and Marie-Caroline von Weichs

How To Run A Company is a book that contains the principles and concepts taught in Dennis Carey’s CEO Academy, where CEOs all over the country meet periodically in order to further understand the way they deal with their corporate responsibilities.

The book contains advice from high-caliber business leaders such as Larry Bossidy, Ray Gilmartin, John Smale, and John Dasburg. The book is not only for CEOs but also to anyone interested in the crucial factors of the modern business environment.

Dennis Carey has also authored other books which can be found in EbookStore, Book Finder, and eBook Mall.

Books related to this topic include Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership by Laurie Beth Jones; CEO: Building a Four Hundred Million Dollar Company from the Ground Up by Sandra L. Kurtzig, and Tom Parker; and Secrets of A CEO Coach by Benton, D. A.