So we know it’s fun to hate microsoft and all but this isn’t exaclty their fault. It appears that a contextual ad which they bought seems to be coming up on a rather innopportune article on You may or may not see this add on the first page load, but the article is about the death of a woman who was participating in a “Hold your wee for wii” radio contest. Essentially she drank herself to death… but from water.

So what is this contextual ad all about? Well it’s an ad for SQL server 2005 that begins with an animated video of someone filling a water cup from a water cooler. That’s pretty bad, in this particular case.

Microsoft and water add on wee for wii death

The video literally shows them filling the whole cup up. Pretty bad ad for this content… really horrible story. My condolences to the three children left behind due to this idiotic contest.