Exciting times! At some point, before year’s end, we’ll be launching an all new Web San Diego. As Joe moved away from San Diego relatively long ago, this site simply isn’t what it used to be. We strongly hope that changes with the re-launch.
So what can be expected you ask? Well, we have a number of things in store. For starters we thought we know San Diego pretty well and while there are certainly plenty of directories out there which feature San Diego Business listings, we thought we could add just one more… that hopefully differentiates itself from the pack. Starting with over 200 categories and 700 or so listings, each hand-picked by our editorial staff, including a completely original (no scrapers!) editorial description, we will launch a directory which allows each business or organization listed:

  • Picture Galleries
  • Product Galleries
  • Visitor Reviews with Rating of Multiple Aspects
  • Comments on Visitor Reviews (for rebuttals and all!)
  • A Mail Form to Contact the Business/Organization Listed
  • Export to PDF of the Listing (I’m sure there’s some reason that’s useful)
  • A Document Gallery (for menus, proposals, etc)
  • Printer Friendly Version
  • Easy Add to MyYahoo and Del.icio.us Tagging
  • Google Maps
  • Ability to Create Coupons
  • What Else Can We Add?

Besides the directory we will be integrating a interactive San Diego Technology Events calendar. This feature is taking a little more work than planned, so this should roll out in January. When it does however, this should be a great place to list tech events and find events of interest. As we have our own group via the WebSanDiego List, and I’m meeting with Cameron (thanks for the intro Phelan) of refreshsd.org shortly to figure out how we can combine forces, this tool will be a tremendous asset for everyone to improve their network, get involved, and start binging on caffeine with others as opposed to by ourselves!

Lastly, (for now) the blog is being re-launched as well with a very nice makeover and some useful plugins. In order to put all that jazzy wordpress work to good use we’ll commit to weekly updates from now on as well (cut us slack occasionally!).

We would love any feedback now or once the re-launch happens. Especially important to us is getting some feedback on how to improve meetings so that everyone derives the most benefit possible. We are going to strive to do some great events in ‘07!