Web San Diego offers sponsors the unique opportunity to support a great organization and gain mindshare with San Diego’s technical crowd. With over 600 members in our Web Group’s mail list, sponsoring a meetup means great exposure and helping a very worthy cause. Learn more about the Web San Diego vision.

What we’re in Need of:

  • Meeting Space - generally once or twice per month, should accommodate 25 comfortably.
  • Cash Donations - we’d love to be able to buy coffee and snacks for each meeting and/or rent a meeting space which is more conducive to learning, sharing, and communicating than most free venues we’ve tried.

What can we offer You?

  • We can pass out any materials you wish us to distribute at meetings.
  • We can post a message from/about our sponsor(s) on our mailing list (650+ members).
  • We can offer banner or text advertisements in various places within our website.
  • Can you think of something else? Let us know!

Please contact us to discuss sponsoring the San Diego web group, or submit a donation below!