At Web San Diego we realize the value in building strategic partnerships. If you have a specific need that you believe we may be able to fill, or vice-versa, please contact us.

Some of our needs:

  • Content Contributors (writers, photographers, etc)
  • Web Programmers for development of web tools
  • Bloggers and Web Publishers for building awareness of the Web Group
  • Meetup Sponsors for various contributions towards improving the quality of our Web Group’s meetings

While we clearly have an interest in San Diego we are very much open to other non-local opportunities on the web.

Link to Us:
We appreciate links as they help us grow our Web Group. Here are ready made codes that you may use if you like:

<a href="">Web San Diego Group and Directory</a>

<a href="">Web San Diego Blog</a>

<a href="">San Diego Yellow Pages</a>