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Dennis Carey is an expert in recruitment of CEOs and board directors. As of this writing he has authored at least four books that discuss the issues surrounding board compensation, corporate governance, and director recruitment. We have reviewed and recommend two, so far, below.

1. CEO Succession by Dennis C. Carey […]

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So we know it’s fun to hate microsoft and all but this isn’t exaclty their fault. It appears that a contextual ad which they bought seems to be coming up on a rather innopportune article on newsfactor.com. You may or may not see this add on the first page load, but the article is […]

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Ok, the former part of the headline is old news obviously. But what I’m wondering is what this will mean for the site in terms of improvements. Things function rather well, no real complaints there. But there are a few pretty simple modifications/fixes that would be nice to see sooner rather than later:

The homepage’s […]

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The San Diego Web Design Meetup is this week, on Wednesday, April 19th. Everyone is invited. It will be at the La Pinata Restaurant in Old Town, San Diego, at 7pm.

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WebSanDiego posts posted to the mailing list now appear in the sidebar via the BDP RSS Aggregator, a GPL plugin for WordPress, which for this site was just upgraded to 2.0. Holler if you have any questions or comments.

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Changes at WSD and beyond

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I bet you didn’t know you could buy a WebSanDiego T-Shirt.

Well, now ya do.

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In 1999 I started a mailing list called WebSanDiego.
To restate the history of the group, it goes something like this:
In October, 1998 I asked on usenet if there were any mailing lists for web developers in San Diego. I didn’t get much response.
What I was looking for was something in the manner […]

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Thank you for your donation! Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your donation has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction.
Again, thank you for contributing to Web San Diego’s meetup. If you need to contact us regarding your donation please […]

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Those seeking a business opportunity that ties in with today’s focus on healthy living can look no further than EcoQuest Intl. Their products, including the Fresh Air Purifier, Living Air Purifier, and ecobox (to name a few) have gained tremendous popularity amongst distributors and customers alike.
When exploring the potential to make money with something […]

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