Snip Quoted Material
Not trying to single anyone out - just a reminder to folks to make sure to snip the quoted material in replies to what is necessary to make your point — makes it easier on us all - and especially those who read the digest version. PArticularly the list footers and people signatures.

When I see 2 instances of the list footer in a post it’s a guarantee the poster did not carry out this simple editing.

Reply To Whom You Intend
Another tip - the list is set for your replies to go to all 200+ subscribers to the list. This is perfectly normal.

However, if you’re responding to a job posting, you might want to answer via email, and not via the list. That takes an extra step to change the TO: field. So make sure you know who you’re answering.

HTML Or Enriched Text - No!
The list is set to text only, no html, no attachments. Make sure your mail program is set to respond to the list with plain text for best results.

I have recently gotten a report of mail actually being *bounced* and not making it to the list as a result of settings. This is strange, and if it happens to you, send me a copy og the mail you get rejecting your post.

Shameless Plugs
Please don’t be shy about sharing your talents and what you know. Discretion is good, but if you have an answer or something you feel might be useful; don’t hesitate to let us know about it. If you have a question about what to post just ask me - 9 times out of 10 when I get questions like this the posts are fine for the list.
Make Urls Friendly!

Not all mail programs turn things which start with www into links. Be kind and include the http:// when you include a URL. It makes things easier for folks!

Off-Topic Threads** prides itself on being a great resource for Internet professionals. To continue this, we try to keep on-topic as much as possible. It’s always OK to post about the web, software, hardware, internet services, internet marketing, graphic design, or current events relating to the web or computers or the internet at large. Off-topic posting is not discouraged, but please carefully consider the subject matter before starting an OT thread. off-topic threads should ALWAYS contain an [OT] in the subject line.


It’s normal to get passionate about the things you love. In a list with many members it’s also normal for some pretty strong disagreements to occur. Its OK to get passionate about your favorite software, hardware, or operating system, let’s keep the religious, political, and social flamewars off the list. It’s NEVER acceptable to be insulting or make personal attacks. Flamebaiting (posting inflammatory remarks) is strongly discouraged. Since is unmoderated (it is more accurate to call the list
lightly moderated. The first time you post,
you are moderated, this is done to prevent spammers doing bad things. To this point no contributing members have left involuntarily)
for regularly contributing members, it’s important for all of us to maintain the level of decorum and professionality that makes the list great.
In Short

The basic tenet is this: Think before you post. Use your judgement and things usually work out fine.

Other Links on Netiquette
How to Write Effective Mailing List Email

WebDesign-L Policies

RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines

Netizen’s Guide to Flame Warriors

quick guide:
Quickie On-Topic And Off-Topic Guide!


  • what I did last night
  • funny site on the web I found
  • off-color remarks about politicians
  • looking for housing in SD
  • chatter

Not OT:

  • Job offers
  • Site checks and reviews
  • questions about hardware or software

  • internet-related meeting announcement
  • member intros
  • Anything directly related to computers, the web, computer careers, usergroups.

Written by Joe Crawford with additions by Matthew Lee, 2001