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Dennis Carey is an expert in recruitment of CEOs and board directors. As of this writing he has authored at least four books that discuss the issues surrounding board compensation, corporate governance, and director recruitment. We have reviewed and recommend two, so far, below.

1. CEO Succession by Dennis C. Carey […]

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The local chapter of the American Marketing Association (SDAMA) celebrates San Diego’s best marketing professionals and students at the 2008 American Marketer of the Year (AMY) Awards on Thursday, May 22 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the San Diego W Hotel.
And we think – it’s about time the community takes a moment […]

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Just got a very interesting email:
Dear Stakeholders and Partners in Higher Education:
We regret to inform you that the State’s web domain name, “ca.gov”, has been temporarily suspended by the federal government’s .GOV domain registrar. As a result of this suspension, it is our understanding that access to all ca.gov websites will progressively diminish […]

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So, the last refresh meeting was focused on how to make money online, with websites mainly. It’s such a vast topic that it becomes hard to discuss the matter in a way which appeals to the majority of people. The methods for making money with websites can be as myriad as […]

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So we know it’s fun to hate microsoft and all but this isn’t exaclty their fault. It appears that a contextual ad which they bought seems to be coming up on a rather innopportune article on newsfactor.com. You may or may not see this add on the first page load, but the article is […]

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For the January 9th, 2007 refreshsd.org meeting, our topic of focus was how to gain website traffic. We touched on SEO, Social Media Marketing/Optimization, and possibly a few other methodologies.
Search Engine Optimization Related Matters:
Mostly we discussed links which are obviously the lifeblood of any attempt at high rankings for anything at least mildly competitive. […]

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These days there is nary a site which is being redesigned or redeveloped without at least some measure of concern for its search engine friendliness and optimization. The equation is simple, you have content which there is likely free, relevant youb traffic for… and you want it. Even if you don’t want to pursue […]

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Ok, the former part of the headline is old news obviously. But what I’m wondering is what this will mean for the site in terms of improvements. Things function rather well, no real complaints there. But there are a few pretty simple modifications/fixes that would be nice to see sooner rather than later:

The homepage’s […]

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From yesterday, an announcement which I think is very cool. There truly is a ton of opportunity for nonprofits to harness the social web as well as build their own communities. These communities will further strengthen the bond between them and their supporters as well as offer a way for the supporters to network […]

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Alternate Title: At Least it’s not Porn, Pills, or Casino.
So, as of right now, this is what I was seeing on Shoemoney.com via his blog-log-roll-whatever-it’s-called. You know, where all the pictures of visitors are? Well, at least it’s this and not anything naughty

This will obviously be gone in no time flat as […]

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